Registration in Iceland from the 01.01.2016


Starting from the 1st  January 2016, you are liable for VAT in Iceland as well , for any performance one makes there.

In order to do that, a registration is required.

Registration is necessary if you earn over the period of one year (12 months) in Iceland, more than one million Icelandic krona (approximately 7000 €). Sales below this limit are exempt from VAT.


If you sell journeys to Iceland, round trips, accommodation, etc., please contact us.

In case you don’t have branch in Iceland, you can register only through the resident partner,  since Iceland is not part of the EU.


We will be happy to recommend one such – just contact us!


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For the past 20 years, as your international VAT tax agent, we pride ourselves on the trust of our clients through:
• uncomplicated VAT registrations in Europe
• precise and punctual filing of VAT tax returns
• timely submission of applications for VAT refund
• 24h hotline service for your coach driver and
• personalised services based on your company´s


That's why you should recommend us!


For every new company that decides to become our client after your  recommendation, you will receive a discount of 70€ on your next bill for one of our tax consulting services!



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It's getting cold outside - get your bus winterised!


Don't forget to mount your winter tyres! In Austria for example it's obligatory from the 1st November till 15th April, contrary to Germany where you should use winter tyres from October to Easter. In South Tyrol for example it's compulsory to mount you winter tyres before the 15th November and use them till the end of March.


For more information, different countries, various fines etc. don't hesitate to contact us!


We wish you a safe journey on snowy roads!



Simplified Taxation Procedure in Slovenia from 01.04.2015


Starting with 01.04.2015 in Slovenia a special arrangement for foreign taxable persons, who occasionally perform services of international road passenger transport is going to be introduced. This may be very interesting for companies who drive to Slovenia few times a year.


For more information, please click here.



Registration in Denmark from the 01.07.2014


From the 01.07.2014: It is obligatory to register in Denmark! Click here for more information.


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