Registration at the Croatian tax office:

Since the 1st July 2013 the human transportation is also subject to the purchase tax in Croatia.

We recommend you to take care of the registration at least one month before the beginning of the travel activity in Croatia. The processing by the Croatian tax office can take up to a month.


Tax Rates 

  • Tax on Passenger Transport
    • Calculation according to the distance principle
    • 25%
  • Deductible Input Tax
    • On services: 25%
    • On hotel bills: 13%


 Period for submitting the tax

  • monthly


Reverse Charge

New in 2017: in some cases reverse charge applies


Controls by the financial police

Controls by the finance police are taking place at the borders as well as on the streets.


Our assistance

Competent, customer-oriented and extensive consultancy and handling regarding your deductible input tax as well as the tax on passenger transport in Croatia.


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