Registration at the Polisch tax office:

  • Regular taxation procedure
    • More complex registration
    • Period of time until the receipt of the tax number: 4-6 weeks
    • The tax deduction on fuel bills is permitted
    • The submission of quarterly tax declarations is mandatory, also in case of nil returns
    • Recommendation for this procedure, if the bus is fuelled in Poland

Registration costs can be nearly neutralized because of the tax refunds.


  • Simplified taxation procedure
    • simple registration
    • period of time until the receipt of the tax number: 2-3 days
    • the tax deduction on fuel bills is not permitted
    • the declaration only has to be submitted, if sales took place
    • recommendation for this procedure if the bus is not fuelled in Poland


Tax Rates

  • Tax on passenger transport
    • 8%
  • Deductible Input Tax
    • The tax on input on fuel bills may be subtracted from the tax debt with 23% (in the regular procedure)


Reverse Charge

Reverse-Charge-System is not applicable in Poland.


Controls by the financial police

Controls by the finance police are taking place at the borders as well as on the streets.


Toll system

In Poland the toll system is called Via-Toll.


Our assistance

Competent, customer-oriented and extensive consultancy and handling regarding your deductible input tax as well as the tax on passenger transport in Poland.


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