Registration at the Slovenian tax office

  • Mandatory
  • Registration has to be carried out 15 days before the first commercial activity


Tax Rates

  • Tax on Passenger Transport
    • Reduced rate of taxes on human transport
    • for sales from 01.07.2013: 9,5%


  • Deductible Input Tax
    • from the 01.07.2013: 22%


Normal Taxation Procedure

  • monthly tax declaration
  • No annual tax declaration


Simplified Taxation Procedure (Special arrangement starting with 01.04.2015)

  • Annual tax declaration
  • No refund of input taxes
  • obligation to notify trips before their beginning


If your driver has already received a letter from the customs authority, your company is recorded and it will be controlled if your registration has really been requested.



The Reverse-Charge-System is not applicable.


Controls by the financial police

Controls by the finance police are taking place at the borders as well as on the streets.


Our assistance

During the process of the application for the registration, we expose a confirmation in Slovenian for you, saying that we are your tax accountant in Slovenia and that the tax office is working on your registration. So you can travel without any worries to Slovenia.

Further more: Competent, customer-oriented and extensive consultancy and handling regarding your deductible input tax as well as the tax on passenger transport in Slovenia.


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